A Design Company with a principled pattern. Working mostly with Sculpture, Jewelry, Homes, and Land.

2 Comments on “Tanya Pitre Studios

  1. Tanya, own one of your 1996 Merman surrounded by Dolphins Sculptures (27/377). I treasure this piece but over the years it has gone from white to alabaster in color. Can you tell me what I can do to return it to its original white color?
    I am afraid to clean it with any harsh chemicals. Your guidance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    • Hello Gary,
      I’m so happy you have one of those. That sculpture I white is fantastic. I didn’t make many, it was way too much handwork. The mold was very complex.
      All of my cast marble sculptures have turned a warmer off white. Even though their is very little binder in there it still shifted the color. I have some myself. At first I was upset, it turns out many binders shift color a small amount. I actually like the color. I have had one in my garden in the sun and it hasn’t kept changing past a creamy color.
      As far as returning it to it’s original color. I’m glad you haven’t used chemicals. I wouldn’t do anything except clean it with soap and water. Chemicals and coatings could destroy the detail.
      If I was super determined to have your beautiful whiteish sculpture in true white. I would probably have it cast in bronze and do a beautiful white patina. Unfortunately the translucency would be lost. I think the one you have is much more beautiful.
      If you want to cast it in bronze I could have it done at the foundry at cost.
      Aloha, Tanya


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